The largest number of bike crashes occur at intersections. Docile cyclists using the available space on the periphery at the expense of their safety are impacted the most. The primary category is cyclist going the wrong way on the sidewalk. At the intersection they encounter, generally fatally, the usually fixated motorist. Crossing traffic draws the attention of the motorist; the docile cyclist is unaware of being in path of the fixated motorist who in turn is unaware of docile bike traffic going the wrong way. Result smoosh. The police in turn do not even site the motorist in most countries deferring to wealth.

So why are intersections not designed with docile cyclists in mind? Nine times out of 10 the designer is in this group. Because priority for motorists is the primary design consideration. Look at drivers- docile drivers primarily the elderly use larger heavier vehicles to shield themselves from their own inabilities to be agile enough in traffic. Yet roads generally work for them at the expense of docile cyclists.

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