Senate race for the 13th district in CA

1-      CA tried to pass a bill to put a $2500/- fine on injuring a person in a traffic accident. It was watered down until the fine was reduced to $25- at which point then Assemblymemeber Pedro Nava dropped the bill. Do you think there should be financial or vehicular penalty for injuring a cyclist? How would you as Senator enact such a bill?

2-      Senator Simitian wrote SB226 to provide California Environmental Quality Act exemptions to infill projects. The Office of Planning and Research has proposed active transportation and Vehicle Miles Travelled reduction as “environmental benefits” to justify the exemption. How would you quantify active transportation in future bills? Do you see measuring destination auto trips as a precursor to knowing non car trips?

3-      Right turn on red and red light running are major causes of crashes involving cyclists. Jerry Hill tried to water down the fines last year and this year the same bad legislation is back by Senator Simitian.  Like the fine for injuring a cyclist there is little support in the senate for preventing injury to a non driver. How would you change that?

4-      The Bicycle Transportation Account reverted back to $5M in 2006 despite demand for one hundred times that amount yearly from CA cities and counties. The state has since managed to go broke. Can you see increasing the account hundred fold using the California Air Resource Board’s green house reduction program of Cap and Trade since the program has to fund GHG reduction only? Do you see equity provisions that could apply to providing this funding to bicycling also such as poor people disproportionately not owning a car and involved in crashes?

5-      Congestion Management and Environmental Quality has programs for green streets which mitigate stormwater pollution, the largest component of which is brake liner and tire dust from auto traffic. Can you see defining green streets to include bicycle boulevards similar to Bryant Street in Palo Alto because of the certified reduction in auto traffic and the corresponding increase in bicycle traffic? Would a connected network of bicycle boulevards encourage you to bike to work?

6-      Rising gas prices have led to increased numbers for many public policy goals like increased transit, bicycling, reduced crashes, reduced air pollution, reduced imports, improved balance of trade, etc. Do you see a gas tax that benefits alternate transportation like Caltrain and bicycling as a means to continue improving public policy goals? Would you champion a dedicated three county gas tax for Caltrain?

7-      The majority of freeway overcrossings and bridges function as a barrier to bicycle travel. A few like Stevens Creek over 85, and Taylor over 82 are properly designed. Can you sponsor legislation that requires Caltrans to ensure all upgrades and new interchanges have full accommodations as their base design even if a trail or bike ped bridge is available nearby so as to avoid conflict with other alternative transportees?

8-      Instead of allowing neighborhood electric vehicles in bike lanes, where the speed differential can be dangerous to cyclists, can you pass legislation requiring that electric vehicle demand be handled by reducing the street speed to 20 mph because of collateral benefits like reduced air pollution and reduced wear and tear on the entire roadway?

9-      As redistricting reduces California’s influence in Congress do you see yourself leading sign on letters from the CA senate urging our California delegation to preserve enhancement dollars and programs like Safe Routes to School?

10-   Do you ride a bicycle? If no why not?

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